Available processes and which_piece

When running McMule, we recommend using the following which_piece



\((n)\)-particle \((n+1)\)-particle \((n+2)\)-particle
\({\mu^-} \to {e^-}{\bar{\nu}_e}{\nu_\mu}\) LO m2enn0
NLO m2ennF m2ennR
NNLO m2ennFF, m2ennNF m2ennRF m2ennRR
\({\mu^-} \to {e^-}{\bar{\nu}_e}{\nu_\mu}{\gamma}\) LO m2enng0
NLO m2enngC, m2enngV m2enngR
\({\mu^-} \to {e^-}{\bar{\nu}_e}{\nu_\tau}{e^+}{e^-}\) LO m2ennee0
NLO m2enneeV, m2enneeC, m2enneeA m2enneeR
\({\mu^-} \to {e^-}{j}\) LO m2ej0
NLO m2ejF m2ejR
\({\mu^-} \to {e^-}{j}{\gamma}\) LO m2ejg0
\({e^-}{\mu^-} \to {e^-}{\mu^-}\) LO em2em0
NLO em2emFEE, em2emFEM, em2emFMM, em2emA em2emREE15, em2emREE35, em2emREM, em2emRMM
el. NNLO em2emFFEEEE, em2emAA, em2emAFEE, em2emNFEE em2emRFEEEE15, em2emRFEEEE35, em2emRFEEEEco, em2emAREE15, em2emAREE35 em2emRREEEE1516, em2emRREEEE3536, em2emRREEEEc
full NNLO em2emFFMIXDz, em2emFFMMMM, em2emAFEM, em2emAFMM, em2emNFEM, em2emNFMM em2emRFMIXD15, em2emRFMIXD35, em2emRFMIXDco, em2emRFMMMM, em2emAREM, em2emARMM em2emRRMIXD1516, em2emRRMIXD3536, em2emRRMIXDc, em2emRRMMMM
\({\mu^-}{p} \to {\mu^-}{p}\) LO mp2mp0
NLO mp2mpF, mp2mpA mp2mpR15, mp2mpR35
NNLO mp2mpFF, mp2mpAA, mp2mpAF, mp2mpNF mp2mpRF15, mp2mpRF35, mp2mpRFco, mp2mpAR15, mp2mpAR35 mp2mpRR1516, mp2mpRR3536
\({e^-}{e^+} \to {\mu^-}{\mu^+}\) LO ee2mm0
NLO ee2mmF, ee2mmA ee2mmR
el. NNLO ee2mmFFEEEE, ee2mmAA, ee2mmAFEE, ee2mmNFEE ee2mmRFEEEE, ee2mmAREE ee2mmRREEEE
EW LO eeZmm0
EW NLO eeZmmFX, eeZmmAX eeZmmRX
\({e^-}{e^-} \to {e^-}{e^-}\) LO ee2ee0
NLO ee2eeF, ee2eeA ee2eeR125, ee2eeR345
NNLO ee2eeFF, ee2eeAF, ee2eeAA, ee2eeNF ee2eeRF125, ee2eeRF345 ee2eeRR15162526, ee2eeRR35364546
\({e^-}{e^+} \to {e^-}{e^+}\) LO eb2eb0
NLO eb2ebF, eb2ebA eb2ebR125, eb2ebR35, eb2ebR45
NNLO eb2ebFF eb2ebRF125, eb2ebRF35, eb2ebRF45 eb2ebRR15162526, eb2ebRR3536, eb2ebRR4546